Experience a culture both rich in heritage and on the cutting edge of innovation. The United Kingdom combines the great traditions of science and the arts with a vibrant popular culture to create an environment full of history, tradition and modern creativity. An excellent transport system and short distances combine to ensure that you will always be within easy reach of both great cities and beautiful countryside.

“My maths teacher is very nice and makes maths very interesting and fun. All the students like her jokes, which helps them remember hard things in maths… Here I have to stay in the school until 4 p.m. almost every day and have five subjects. In my country I spend less time in school, though we have more subjects…Studying abroad is a wonderful experience which gives students different views about the world and makes them more independent..”
Eva Lokotar from Croatia
(Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College, England)

Many international students come to the UK for the high quality education and reputation of its academic institutions. The academic credibility of its examination qualifications is recognised throughout the world. International students will find that there is an extraordinarily wide range of educational institutions in the UK – large and small, ancient and modern, traditional and innovative.

Your choice of schools

ETE in the UK offers you a variety of study options. We will work directly with you to find the best choice for your personal needs and aspirations. We are proud that many of our schools send their students to the best universities in the UK. They are renowned for the high standard of their education and provide an opportunity for international students to learn English intensively whilst continuing their formal education in a typical British environment among British students.

  • Private Prep Schools
  • Private day and boarding schools
  • State colleges
  • State day and boarding schools

Private Prep Schools

Prep schools present a boarding option for younger students, 8 – 13 years old. They are private schools that offer the official national curriculum. They can be either stand alone Prep Schools or form part of a larger private senior school. A Prep School education with its emphasis on individual care and attention, provides a foundation for life and a great introduction to the British education system.

  • high academic standards
  • excellent facilities
  • high level of individual attention
  • offer UK national curriculum
  • religious and non-religious
  • boarding accommodation
  • co-educational and single sex
  • many extra curricular activities

Open to all international students

Private day & boarding schools
Private day and boarding schools are self-managed and do not receive any funding from the British government. They are a unique part of the British educational system, offering a quality of education and tradition for which Britain is renowned throughout the world.

  • excellent academic standards
  • superb facilities
  • small class sizes
  • wide range of academic subjects
  • high acceptance rate into leading universities
  • high level of individual attention
  • excellent reputation
  • offer UK national curriculum
  • religious and non-religious

Open to all international students.