Although you are now ready for the challenge of studying abroad, you may feel that you need some extra preparation to make sure that you will enjoy a successful programme experience. Whether you need to improve your language skills or widen your cultural knowledge and awareness before you start school, Study Group offers you choices to help address those needs and to get your year off to a confident start.

  • Preparation
  • Language preparation programmes
  • School integration programmes
  • Orientation

At Study Group we have years of experience offering intensive language training to students and teachers around the world. We have used that experience to help us design special courses for students on our World High Schools programme. If you are unsure about your spoken language skills, you should consider one of the optional language preparation programmes we offer in the USA, Ireland, the UK, Australia and Spain.

The Study Group programme staff will be available to you throughout your stay to answer questions. By living with other programme participants you will quickly make friends and enjoy sharing the excitement of discovering a new country and culture together. You will also be able to get in touch with your host family prior to arrival and practise those newly acquired language skills.

Language preparation programmes
Language preparation programmes begin in July, approximately three or four weeks before the start of the academic year in your destination country. These special language programmes combine an intensive study programme with organised activities and cultural visits – the perfect combination to make you feel comfortable in your new country right away.

School Integration Programmes
The School Integration Programme is designed for students with good levels of English to experience a taste of high school in the USA or the UK by living and studying abroad for a short time. For groups, there is a School Experience Programme in the USA, Ireland or the UK which is combined with English or Cultural Experience options. Both standard and individually tailored programmes are available. The minimum stay for both programmes is two weeks (UK and Ireland only) up to a maximum of seven weeks.