International reach, local experience

The Study Group World High Schools programme. Study Group provides the most complete education and career development service for international students available today.

We offer a full range of English languageacademicbusiness training and cultural exchange programmes at a choice of superb learning centres throughout the USA, Ireland, UK, Spain and Australia.

This year, over 40,000 students will choose Study Group to acquire the skills, knowledge and qualifications needed in today’s competitive world.

We have carefully selected local organisations in each destination country that between them have decades of experience in delivering first class high school programmes. Our local providers have established a strong reputation in their own countries and are respected for their knowledge, professionalism and sensitivity. Every one of our students is in the best of hands.

When you join our High Schools programme you will benefit from our unique strengths – international reach, local expertise.

Hear directly from our local organisations about their commitment to you


Every year hundreds of FSL students arrive from countries around the world with the same dream in mind – to discover the best of America, living with an American family and studying at an American high school. Our staff is dedicated to making that dream a reality and helping you to enjoy a successful year.

Many of us have been exchange students ourselves and have also hosted students in our homes. Studying abroad is an adventure – we are here to offer you our experience and support, while sharing the challenges and triumphs of your year.


At ETE we understand and appreciate the specific needs of foreign students – it’s our business – and our programmes are based on this understanding and appreciation. Our experience and professionalism and our local wisdom, combined with your determination to succeed, can create the perfect environment for you to realise the opportunities presented by this unique programme.


Having dedicated the last 15 years of our lives to cultural exchange, we have had the opportunity to witness the extraordinary benefits that come from studying abroad.

At CCI we take great pride in providing the finest academic programmes available in Spain and the USA today. The dedication of our staff in both countries over many years has helped thousands of young people get the most out of their exchange experience.