Costs of health care can be very high and it becomes difficult for students to afford high costs during their stay abroad. Most of the times when health care is privatized, it becomes difficult for them to seek affordable health care when in need. For students, thankfully there is health insurance for international students available.

Understanding the Mandatory terms:

Need for health care depends entirely on the country where the student intends to pursue higher education. Where health care is the responsibility of the government, medical facilities are subsidized. At such places a student can manage without insurance. Students need to obtain a good international student medical insurance policy if the health care is privatized in the country chosen for higher studies. It has become mandatory for international students to obtain international health insurance due to the high costs of health care.

Certain eligibility criteria need to be met. The individual pursuing full time education should complete at least 14 years and should be less than 65 years of age, to be eligible for international student insurance. Full time study involves a certain number of hours. Also he should enroll or pursue some of the course like at Ph.d., masters, bachelor, associate or any other formal university program. If there is a spouse and children involved, the insurance policy can be extended to them too. It is essential to have a valid visa too. Some of the insurance policies offer grace period coverage for a month and the coverage is subject to the premium paid.

Benefits of student health insurance:

There are number of benefits of international student health insurance. A number of expenses like hospital charges, treatment and diagnosis procedures of the illness, treatment in case of accidents, X-ray costs, lab tests, etc. are the costs that can be covered under the package. Up to a reasonable amount, pregnancy check ups and treatments are also covered under the insurance policy. The maximum amount of coverage provided to the patient may vary depending on the amount of premium to be paid. To a certain extent at times, even the rehabilitation from substance abuse is also covered.

Some of the facilities provided by the insurance company are medical evacuation on an emergency and dismemberment and death due to  claims history and the age of the individual also determines the amount of premium to be paid on the health insurance for international students policy. In a country where health care is subsidized the policy is optional for a student pursuing higher education. Even for a short period of time, the international student should not be without insurance.

A student looking out for a job too should invest in a short term plan or the temporary plan. Only in the case of injury or temporary illness the short term insurance plan, covers the cost of treatment, which is its main drawback. In such a policy, preventive health care and routine health care which is necessary for good health is not covered since the coverage may be provided for maybe six months only. Instead of not having any insurance at all, it is a better idea to have a temporary international student health insurance at least.