If you are a student that still has to face any kind of examination in your school, you may often get bored or stressed. When you get that feeling, you feel discomfort and worry about that event. You wonder if you would be able to do it well if you would be able to answer all of the questions. Here are some things you can do before facing your examination.

Actually, you would not worry about something if you are sure that you can pass it well. So, think that you are able to do it well. Assure yourself that you can answer the questions and pass them well. To be confident, you have to prepare yourself. Read the materials and just try to do some exercises. Be sure that you have comprehended every detail in the subjects. If you have understood the subject that will be examined, you will naturally be confident and ready to answer the questions.

A week before the examination, you are suggested to do everything you like to do at once. You may try to do several things at the same time, but do not forget to separate them with some time for reviewing and reviewing. You may read the materials over, but it is better to understand them well. It is important to allocate time for every task. You may domesticate the task to simple tasks like cleaning the household, cooking, washing the uniform, paying the bills, and studying. If you are a student, you may begin to do some extra homework like baking, sewing, or mining for few things in the kitchen. Just make sure the assignment is completed before the exam day.

The exam is time for you to be tense. You have to control yourself and be composed. Be calm and control your nerves. You need to dream about it to get the most out of it. Be imaginative and relax a little. One idea is to imagine yourself becoming PMP certified. That way, you become a professional working for the companies that will offer you internships. Imagine yourself presenting it to the senior management.

There are more techniques to help you perform well. You have to keep in mind the “marks of Excellence”. These are the things that you must have and they will help you to get the PMP certification. You just have to be aware of the ” Discipline” that shall drive your exam. It will guide you to see if you are storms thundering and let them pass by. As you follow the discipline, it will be tough to cope. So imagine the worst scenario and pass your exam with the best disposition. That will be the best reward for your efforts in your PMP exam preparation.


You shall find the whole process very entertaining but you shall get serious when everything is in place. You shall want to integrate and reorganize your own process and see how you progress.


You may or may not know that the exam pattern is changed from MCQ to the final keyway. Usually, the majority of the companies will flow the exam in MCQ format to avoid more questions in the middle. Some companies may dump the entire exam because more questions are added on.

However, you shall have a lot of questions on the same general questions. It may help you to look at the pattern of the exam. You may easily recognize that questions related to the same general topics are repeatedly asked because they are related to each other.

If you have an idea of how the exam is likely to turn out, you may arrange a study group. Or, you may even create a pattern of your own to practice for the exam.


This is the best way to make sure your process holds your interest. You may start with the most popular questions and move towards the important ones. The most educated and composed of a group of sample questions can aid you a lot to obtain PMP exam success.

There are hundreds of tools and books specifically designed to help you obtain the information and tools necessary to gain success in your Revision Plans.